пятница, 17 октября 2014 г.

Friday night

Когда-то, я писала эту статью для журнала, но сейчас решила опубликовать её т.к планирую писать продолжение.  Это мои первые впечатления от клубной жизни в Корее. Сейчас уже многое изменилось, так что ожидайте вторую часть:)

четверг, 2 октября 2014 г.

Hello Moscow - Part 2

In the course of our trip in Moscow, we went to the Tretyakov Gallery. Honestly, I do not like art - museums. They are make me sad  and endless walking from picture to picture make me tired. There are not so many people who know that half of my childhood was spent in St. Petersburg, and I'm crazy in love with this city. But to go out there on the tour - it is easier to die. In St. Petersburg, every stone and manhole cover has its own story, so that the tour is very exhausting. Just imagine that while all people were inspired by the paintings of great artists in the Hermitage, I - slept. Yes, it's true, peacefully snoring yourself on a bench near the wardrobe. In the Pushkin's  apartment  I also slept. On a couch in the hallway of the great poet, by the way, one of my favorites. I would have slept with pleasure in the house of Derzhavin, if there was at than to sleep. So it is not surprising that I  would not to go to the Tretyakov Gallery, but it was necessary