среда, 17 декабря 2014 г.

Korean pancakes 모듬전

The words "simple" and "Korean food", are difficult to combine. The process of cooking Korean dishes fairly long and laborious process. I do not understand how Korean women manage to cook so much food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

But, I recently attended a master class in cooking Korean vegetable pancakes, and decided to share a simple recipe with you. By the way the recipe is easy and the products are pretty standard, but be prepared that you will have to sweat in the truest sense of the word

Слова «несложный» и «корейская кухня», трудно сочетаются.  Процесс приготовления корейских блюд достаточно долгий и трудоемкий процесс. Я вообще не понимаю, как корейские женщины умудряются готовить столько еды на завтрак, обед и ужин.

вторник, 2 декабря 2014 г.

Who am I…?

나를 무너뜨려야
내가 나를 창조할수 있다....

Who am I…?

Кто я…?

Before, I never thought of such philosophical questions. What kind of person am I? Why am I living in this world? Recently, the most important question for me: what am i doing?

Раньше, я никогда не задумывалась над такими философскими вопросами. Что я за человек? Для чего я живу на этом свете? Последнее время, наиболее важный для меня вопрос:  что я делаю? 

In the end, does not really matter who are you. There is more important - who you have become. I believe that people can not changed, but there are a circumstances  which can change our life and help to do otherwise. I'm the same as a few years ago. I rebel, always protesting against the rules. I am quick-tempered, because of that my lovely people can suffer greatly. I can not  to forgive. But life circumstances were such that I had to think about my live.